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About Vital Nutrition

Vital Nutrition is a Private Membership Association. We invite you to become a member. We trust you will enjoy the benefits of becoming a part of our membership association!

We at Vital Nutrition are excited to provide an ever-increasing line of supplementation to every individual. It is our commitment to always provide the highest quality vitamins and herbs to help you get well and stay well. Our mission is to provide efficacious and therapeutic herbal, vitamin, and nutraceutical supplements to help people get well and stay well. We strive for the highest level of quality, while the FDA defines the minimum. 

From a very young age, James Detweiler was involved in harvesting roots and plants. For his whole life, he was intrigued with herbs and grew up using them in his family. He knew there was much more to herbs than simply harvesting. Processing and how they were processed to preserve potency was very important to James. Over time he was inspired to open a health and wellness restoration clinic of his own, and now a line of nutraceutical supplements. His passion at Vital Nutrition is to provide supplementation in the whole food form to every member. Watching the changes that occurred in his wife’s health 13 years ago proved to him just how essential it is for restoration and well-being. Using whole food supplementation and experiencing restored health of his own gave him a passion for wanting others to experience that in their own lives. 

James spends a lot of time researching the functions of the human body to be able to find solutions to health issues. It is the foundation of his passion for providing this line of products to us. In his youth, he never thought he would enjoy eating healthy foods as well as digging into the importance of good whole food supplements, but his attitude has changed dramatically. He even enjoys cooking for a healthy lifestyle. In all this, he has learned his need for God, his miraculous wonders, and the need to prioritize wellness in his life. A healthy life doesn’t just happen, it takes real intention and commitment! It can be a reality for us all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because Vital Nutrition is a Private Membership Organization, before we can process any orders, we are 
required to ask you to become Private Members of Vital Nutrition. To do so click on this become a member button, fill out the form, and select the Private Membership fee option to your cart to pay for it. Completing the form and paying for the Private 
Membership needs to happen before continuing with the order of any products. Set up your account and enjoy the 
Search our website for the products you wish to order. Payments are accepted by credit card. Shipping will be 
applied when you order. 
Our typical processing time is up to three days and will be shipped via UPS or USPS, depending on the size of 
the order.