Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape has a wide variety of uses. It is perhaps the best Western herb for liver 
deficiencyIt stimulates the liver to produce more bile and other liver enzymes. It essentially 
increases liver function and is indicated for those with constitutional deficiency patterns in the 
liver and digestive systems. It can help with other symptoms relating to liver deficiency (which 
includes dry skin, eczema, preference for sweets and carbohydrates, prone to allergies or 
environmental illness, prone to fatigue, avoiding fat and protein, drawn to a cleansing, 
vegetarian diet, and getting tired and depleted, PMS, constipation).  
Oregon Grape will increase fat digestion (increases bile) and protein digestion (increases HCl 
and pepsinogen). Oregon Grape increases the rate at which the liver detoxifies the blood as it 
passes through the liver. It is a great cleansing agent for systemic (whole-body) cleansing or for 
fast cleansing in larger doses. Toxins are removed from the body quickly as this function is the 
liver’s responsibility. As an anti-microbial, Oregon Grape contains the same alkaloid, berberine, 
as Goldenseal which increases anti-bacterial action. It makes a great topical wash and internal 
bacteria killer. It also increases the liver’s ability to clean out as it kills foreign invaders. Intestinal 
bacterial infections respond well to Oregon Grape. 
  • Oregon Grape can be used acutely in larger doses or long-term in smaller doses as a tonic.
  • Supports issues that arise from liver deficiency
  • Improves fat and protein digestion
  • Acts as a cleansing and anti-microbial agent 
  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These 
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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